Blossoms & Battlements: light-up event
at Kuroda Kanbei’s Fukuoka Castle

Every spring, around 1,000 beautiful cherry blossom trees come into bloom in Maizuru Park.The park has valuable historical significance, with the Korokan Museum, Fukuoka Castle and Heiwadai Baseball Stadium, each symbolizing a different era, being located on site. Kuroda Kanbei, founder of the Kuroda Clan, is said to have named the area where he constructed his castle "Fukuoka", after his ancestors' homeland: Bizen-Fukuoka (present-day Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture). Come and enjoy the battlements of Fukuoka Castle lit up amongst the veils of falling cherry blossoms this season, and experience the 400-year history of Fukuoka Castle and Kuroda Kanbei’s vision for the prosperity of Fukuoka.

Festival Dates

From late March to early April 2019

※The festival schedule will be announced on our website in the middle of March.

Information Desk Opening Hours:
Illumination Hours:
18:00 - 22:00
※The illuminations will start from 19:00 on the first day. ※Dates may be subject to change depending on the conditions of the blossoms.

Special Illumination

Special Light-Up Events at Sakura-en Garden (located at the base of the main keep), Tamon turret, and the site of the Otaka estate Special night time illumination events at historical sites.

Time: 18:00–22:00 during the Cherry Blossom Festival
※The illuminations will start from 19:00 on the first day. Fee: 300 yen per venue, 600 yen for a multi-ticket for 3 venues


Fukuoka Castle Remains, a nationally designated historical site (Maizuru Park)

*Please use public transportation when coming to the park to avoid heavy traffic around the area during the festival.


8-minute walk from Akasaka or Ohorikoen subway stations.

Nishitetsu Bus

5 to 8-minute walk from Fukuokajo Korokan-mae, Fukuoka-shi Bijutsukan Higashi-guchi, and Otemon/Heiwadai Rikujo-kyogijo-iriguchi bus stops.
10-minute walk from Akasaka 3-chome bus stop