Fukuoka Castle Sakura Festival

Castle Wall and Sakura Illumination at Fukuoka Castle of Kuroda Kanbei

Every spring at Maizuru Park, there are about 1,000 splendidly blooming cheery blossom trees. In the park are also Korokan Ruins Museum, Fukuoka Castle, and Heiwadai Baseball Stadium, each symbolizes a different era of its own. Their overlapping existence adds great historical values to Maizuru Park.
It is said that Kuroda Kanbei, the primogenitor of the Fukuoka clan, named the area of the castle “Fukuoka” after Bizen Fukuoka (present-day Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture), the land of his ancestors.
This cherry blossom season, come enjoy the Castle Wall and Sakura illumination, and experience the 400-year history of Fukuoka Castle and Kanbei’s vision for the prosperity of Fukuoka.


Fukuoka Castle Sakura Festival Executive Committee


Fukuoka Castle Ruins, nationally designated historical site (Maizuru Park)

Using public transportation is highly recommended due to expected heavy traffic around the park during the festival.


Subway: 8 mins walk from Akasaka or Ohorikoen subway stations.
Nishitetsu Bus: 5 - 8 mins walk from “Fukuokajo Korokan-mae,” “Fukuokashi Bijutsukan Higashiguchi,” and “Otemon/Heiwadai Rikujyokyogijyo-iriguchi” bus stops.
10 mins walk from Akasaka 3-chome bus stop

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